Competencies versus “fit”

Nowadays, it is important to rely on the organizational “fit” before making a decision on the choice of your future employee.

Definition please?

More precisely, the organisational ‘’fit’’ refers to the affinity between values and objectives of the employee and what is advocated within your organisation. For example, team spirit, ethic, values, work environment and more. In other words, it’s the lifestyle of the company.


Today’s new generation is looking for more than a job.  The employee of tomorrow wants to work for a company where their competencies will serve an employer sharing similar values.

By assembling a team that shares a common goal that has the welfare of the company at heart, the employer can ensure a winning team, according to its type of organization and its vision. More precisely, taking the time to verify the organisational ‘’fit’’ will bring you the following benefits:

  • Decrease employee turnover rate
  • Increase employee commitment
  • Create a balanced and enjoyable work environment
  • Increase team performance

Above all, how?

Basically, skills, experience and education are put forward to perform the first selection.

Following this initial selection, many potential and overqualified candidates may still be in your sight. How to make the right choice? Here are several ways to find out if a candidate is a good ‘’fit’’ for your company.

  1. Psychometric tests
  2. Dedicate part of the interview for a situational judgement test
  3. LinkedIn: Consult recommendations and testimonials on the candidate profile
  4. Other social networks: See the hobbies and the environment of the candidate
  5. References of previous jobs

It is important to integrate a step in your hiring process for the organizational “fit”. Moreover, a recruitment firm can accompany you in these steps and help you find this symbiosis sought between the candidate and the employer.

Finally, Métier Plus is continuously searching for recruiters to be part of its team! If you think you are a perfect ‘’fit’’ for our firm, contact us !