This could be your dayly life

We could brag and list all the BENEFITS to work at Métier Plus, such as team building activities, potlucks, happy hours, internal competitions, support program, in-house training, lunch & learn, financial contribution to sports activities, flexible hours, Friday afternoon OFF … Oops, we just did it? 😊

Beyond our work environment that brings happiness, what we are looking for the most is a personality that fits with our line of thinking.


At the end of a work day, the ultimate goal is to fill mandates together and help our clients and candidates.

Concretely, each member of our team…

Shares information

Know the work of his colleagues

Actively participate in team meetings

Communicate with colleagues

Acts with respect and altruism towards colleagues


It is important to achieve individual goals, but also team goals. You have to be determined and surpass yourself for candidates and clients. We need to be determined and overcome ourselves. We want every member of the team to evolve and remain motivated by the challenges of their work.

Concretely, its important to be…


Stand out from our competitors

Be in problem solving mode

Bring new ideas


It is essential that a work week be pleasant and be done in a good mood. Our motto: the happier the team is, the more efficient and productive it is!

Concretely, we prioritize…

Flexibility to accommodate the team

Healthy environment

Team building

Interested? We want to meet you!
We are constantly looking for someone who shares to our way of life.