To offer you a complete and efficient service, Métier Plus includes head hunting in its permanent recruitment process.

Completing mandates daily for the technical sector, we understand the current market situation. That’s why our team is creative and goes further in their research.

Proactive search

 In addition to conventional methods, our recruiters are proactive in their research.

The ideal candidate for your organization is not necessarily reachable through posted job offers. Despite the shortage of labour, we know they exist! That’s why our team is committed everyday to locate the recruit that will make the difference in your company.

A unique knowledge of the industry

Our recruiting process is even more effective since our head-hunters have unique knowledge of the industry in which you operate.

Being specialized in 4 specific sectors: institutional, commercial, light and heavy industry, we know the players of the industry. Depending on your criteria, not only we know where to look, but also how to attract the best recruits to come work for you.

Our motivation?

  • Help people find a job in which they will be happy
  • Help companies to find the candidate that will contribute to their development