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The present contract constitutes a legal understanding between the user of the metierplus.com website and Métier Plus Inc. relative to the usage of the site.

Please read the conditions carefully before sending any personal information on this site. If you do not wish to be linked by this contract, do not navigate or divulge your information on this site.


By using the services offered on this site, you accept the present terms and conditions, the posting conditions as well as the conditions associated with the possible future modifications. We suggest to consult periodically the present terms and conditions in order to be informed and therefore accept the updates.


The metierplus.com website is an online billboard and recruitment service for jobs and employee search. On our site, you will find detailed job descriptions offered by several companies, public and private agencies.


The logo of Métier Plus Inc. and all its variations, the navigation tool and all the contents of metierplus.com are offered for noncommercial use. It is hereby forbidden to use the logo or the information contained in metierplus.com for commercial or advertising purposes or to increase the volume of visitors in another site without a previously written authorization of Métier Plus Inc.

Unless clearly stated, no element of our service must be interpreted like a right to use the intellectual property of Métier Plus Inc.

It is strictly forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, represent, reproduce, publish, concede under licence, transfer or sell any information, software, product or service obtained starting from this website, nor to create works derived from the above-mentioned elements.


You are solely responsible for the message contents which you broadcast through our service as well as the consequences of these messages. You should not use this service to promote or to offer to sell any good or service with a commercial aim, to conduct or send any study, contest, pyramidal system or chain of letters, junk e-mail, hacking attempts, solicitation or to carry out any other actions that are illegal. It is also forbidden to carry out acts which could attack the rights of others and the use of this service.

Although Métier Plus Inc. reserves the right to remove certain data at our sole discretion, that remains a right and not an obligation. Metierplus.com does not make any statement concerning the content control of the information available, taking into account the volume and the transmission speed of the data on the service.


The search engines, the repertoires and the contents are offered free of charge by Métier Plus Inc. without any warranty as for the exactitude or the availability of the sites. Moreover, Métier Plus Inc. does not make any statement regarding the results of your research. The information contained on the Internet is in constant evolution, as well as the sites which represent them. It is impossible to constantly carry out full updates. Métier Plus Inc. cannot therefore be held responsible for the lack of exhaustiveness of research or the lack of accessibility of a given site.
In addition, Métier Plus Inc. cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted on the Internet and could not be held responsible for possible damage caused by their disclosure.
You accept by the present that Métier Plus Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage, whether it be direct or indirect, resulting from the use of its services. You agree in addition that all the information offered in our sites are as, without any warranty as for the exactitude or the reliability of the contents.


Métier Plus Inc. does not guarantee a complete and total efficiency or security. It is possible that a hacker succeeds in penetrating the server. It is thus important to keep in mind, before sending its information on a Métier Plus Inc. form, that it is always possible that an ill intended individual reaches the Métier Plus Inc. servers and uses, to his own ends, certain personal information. IN NO CASE Métier Plus Inc., neither any of its administrators, could be held responsible for acts of hacking or be blamed for damage or loss that could be caused to a member of the site. The metierplus.com site can occasionally be down and certain programming errors can be caused by updates or events beyond the control of the administrators.
Neither the administrators nor no member of the organization could be held responsible if a member sees himself in impossibility of surfing on the site, and this, whatever the reason which it prevented.


You remain the holders of the copyrights on the contents that you submit to our service. You, however, grant to Métier Plus Inc. a licence for use on these contents at the ends of broadcasting and promotion. This licence is granted to Métier Plus Inc. by the only act of submission of your contents to our services and is offered on a free basis, non-exclusive and for a perpetual application. This licence contains, among other things, the right to use, reproduce, copy, in whole or in part, and display the content in our services, except when expressly excluded.
You also accept that Métier Plus Inc. reserves the right to withdraw information from its network whose contents are considered to be inappropriate or who contravenes the present terms and conditions.


These terms of use and display terms are established in order to protect our users as well as to maintain the quality of service. Be aware that any failure on your part to comply with the conditions of use and display conditions set forth herein may lead to the removal of your link with metierplus.com.


This agreement on the operating conditions is governed by the applicable laws in the province of Quebec. You recognize by the present that any litigation arising from, or related to the use of the services and the MétierPlus Inc website will be subjected to the competence of the courts of the district of Montreal, province of Quebec.


You hereby agree to take up the case for Métier Plus Inc. in the event of any legal action being brought against it in connection with any breach of the Terms of Service by you.
It is agreed that the present conditions may be modified in all or in part by Métier Plus Inc. at any time, and this, without prior notice. By continuing your process and your navigation on the metierplus.com website, you agree to comply with these Terms of Use as set out on the Terms of Use pages.

Métier Plus Team