Métier Plus offers a temporary recruitment service for the short or long term needs of your company.

Who is this service for?

 Temporary recruitment is for all Greater Montreal businesses that have specific need for labour in the technical sector.

1. Short-term needs

For immediate need of employee for a short period, ranging from days to months.

2. Indefinite period needs

For immediate need, with no specific duration of contract. This can range from several months to several years.

3. Need with possibility of permanence

For immediate need, but the possibility of a permanent position is only in a few months. Temporary recruitment can also be a solution to this situation. We take care of all the administrative work for a set number of hours and subsequently, the candidate will be under your responsibility.

Temporary recruitment is a solution for:

  • Support when orders are increasing
  • Vacation replacement of current employees
  • Support for new projects

Regardless of the nature of the mandate, temporary hiring is the best way to get staff quickly for your ad hoc technical staff needs. It is a flexible solution that ensures productivity growth without worrying about administrative procedures.

How it works? 

Contact us or fill out an online application. You will be assigned an account manager who will set up a meeting to identify your needs.

How do we proceed?

  1. Examination of the position and identification of the needs
  2. Search for candidates (Métier Plus website, Métier plus candidature pool, employment websites, social networks, head hunting, etc.)
  3. Preselection of candidates (telephone and in-person interview)
  4. Sends successful applications to the client
  5. Verification of criminal records and references
  6. Candidate-client meeting
  7. Final selection of the candidate by the client
  8. Administrative procedures (signature of contract, pay, etc.)
  9. Integration of the candidate
  10. Monitoring and evaluation

Staff Management and Payroll Management

During a temporary mandate, Métier Plus will manage the human resources for you. This includes staff compensation (payroll, payroll statements, T4) and social benefits. We will comply with health and safety regulations and adapt to your work standards. We have our own health and safety rules and will commit to respect yours.

Choose Métier Plus, specialist in technical jobs

Choosing our team for your temporary recruitment is choosing:

  • A bank of candidates 100% specialized in technical jobs
  • A director who accompanies and advises you
  • A team of several recruiters for which your need is a priority
  • A team with a specialized knowledge of the technical sector
  • Delegate the management of technical staff to focus on your main activities