International recruitment process

To achieve the ultimate goal of international recruitment – to welcome skilled workers into your company – our team goes through a comprehensive recruitment process.

  • Identification of needs
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Mission
  • Selection of candidates by the client
  • Governmental acceptances
  • Integration of the candidate

To learn more about each step, including inclusions, contact us and a member of our team will answer all your questions.


If you want to go on a mission with our team, know that it is possible! A Quebec representative will accompany you on the trip. You will have the opportunity to meet in person the shortlisted candidates. On site, our team also assists you in interviews and practical and/or theoretical tests.

In case you do not want to travel, you will receive a list of potential candidates and their resume. A virtual interview can be organized as needed or the interview process can be left to the responsibility of our recruiters.


Métier Plus guarantees the quality of the suggested candidates that will meet the needs of your company. We offer you employees that are efficient and operational on the first day at work.

We secure your transaction with a 4-month guarantee, regardless of the nature of the contract. In addition we offer the opportunity to test yourself the skills of candidates before hiring.