Latin America

Targeted countries in Latin America, through our international recruitment service, are Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Why are Latin American workers good employees for your organization?


Workers have a real desire to come to Canada. Given their current quality of life, many of them wish to become Canadian citizens and move in with their families.

You can then count on motivated employees who will ensure long-term productivity in your company.


Since their first language is Spanish, learning French is easier. Usually, after a few months, progress is truly noticeable and integration goes naturally.


People of Latin America are known for being hard-working employees. Their lifestyle revolves around work to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their family. They are also ready to work shifts.

They are faithful, grateful and rarely absent. Moreover, similar as Quebec, the Catholic religion is the most common, therefore diminishing the culture shock and facilitating a natural integration.


Due to the similarity of local businesses and technical knowledge of workers, this geographic region meets the standards expected from Quebec companies.

Moreover, technical skills are verified through technical tests according to the position.


Being a nearby region, it is important to consider the cost related of this proximity. Indeed, airline tickets are less expensive than other regions for international recruitment.

By staying close to family and friends, they have an interest in permanently settling in Canada and applying for permanent residency.