Temporary and Permanent Recruitment

Need to fill a temporary or permanent technical trade position? Our team of specialists will find the ideal candidate who meets your requirements.

With our large pool of candidates and our expertise, we will support you in developing an efficient partnership together, regardless of the term of the mandate.

How does it work?

Contact us directly or complete an online request. We will put you in contact with an account manager, who will identify your needs.

How do we proceed?

  1. Identification of the needs
  2. Study of the position
  3. Candidate search (Métier Plus website, Métier Plus application bank, employment sites, social networks, headhunters)
  4. Screening the candidates (telephone and face-to-face interview)
  5. Sending selected applications to the client
  6. Criminal background check and taking references
  7. Candidate-client meeting
  8. Final selection of the candidate by the client
  9. Integration of the candidate
  10. Follow-up and evaluation


Technical Outsourcing

We have multidisciplinary teams, equipment and tools to respond to any technical outsourcing requests. In other words, you can count on our teams and delegate one or more of your operations safely.

By subcontracting operations that are not in your field, you can concentrate on your company’s strategic activities. You save time and money, while maintaining control.

We are the specialists and we are equipped, so let us help you!


Project Management

Métier Plus supports you in implementing your ideas and offers you a project management service. Our team takes charge of every aspect of the project for you according to your specifications.

Métier Plus looks after employees, supervision, material, equipment and tools, transportation, cost control and deadlines.


Personnel Management / Payroll Management

During a temporary mandate, outsourcing or project management, Métier Plus can look after your workforce for you.

This includes:

  • Employee compensation (payroll, pay statements)
  • Insurance
  • Training
  • Benefits


We adapt to your labour standards and comply with your health and safety rules. We have our own health and safety manual or will undertake to comply with yours.