The life of a recruiter at Métier Plus in 10 steps!

What does a recruiter do?

A recruiter is also known as a “talent acquisition specialist” and a “head hunter”. But concretely how do they spend their days?

In 10 steps, of equally importance, step in the shoes of a Métier Plus recruiter for a day!

1. Hello

First of all, before starting a day, we take time to say hello! The synergy between the team members is crucial and makes all the difference on the dynamic of the day.

2. Priorities of the day

Before diving head first in his tasks, the recruiter identify the priorities of the day with the operations director. Among the list of mandates that are assigned to him, we determine those on which more time will be allocated. All terms are worked in a week, but by setting a list of priorities, the recruiter can better plan the workday.

3. Emails and candidats follow-up

It is important to leave no candidate without news! After the morning coffee, the recruiter:

  • Sort out his e-mails;
  • Ensures follow-up of client interviews with candidates;
  • Follow-up with candidates to inform them of the stage of the recruitment process;
  • Answer to various requests.

4. We have fun!

It is essential at Métier Plus that the workweek is pleasant and spent in a good mood. Indeed, we take breaks and have discussions unrelated to work. Métier Plus moto is: the happier and more cohesive the team, the more efficient and productive it is!

5. Search for candidates

This step requires concentration, rigor, but also a lot of creativity! First, a recruiter starts his research in our internal database. Then, it searches on other platforms such as Jobillico, Indeed, Google or LinkedIn. The recruiter must be proactive and try different alternatives to find the candidate who meets the specific requests of customers. Note that this task takes a lot of time in a typical recruiter’s day.

6. We talk to each other!

Mutual help is omnipresent in Métier Plus team. Collaboration is one important value of the company. During the day, recruiters call each other several times in order to not work isolated. They discuss difficult assignments together and help each other to find solutions. Recruiters stay aware of their colleagues mandates, as a candidate can be introduced to multiple clients at the same time.

7. Interviews

In addition to all the follow-ups and research, recruiters does an average of 3 to 4 interviews per day with potential candidates. After selecting candidates and having them do a telephone interview, the recruitment process does not stop there: a in-person interview is the next step. Depending on the type of position, an interview can last between 20 to 60 minutes. The recruiter must be prepared and ask the right questions to identify the candidate and determine if he is a good fit for the client.

8. Presentation of the candidates

After extensive research, telephone and in person interviews, the recruiter finally select a candidate. He is therefore enthusiastic and ready to introduce the candidat to the company that commissioned him. The job of the recruiter does not end here! He must then present the candidate to his account manager. In this presentation, he describes the interview, the candidate’s strengths, personality, background, etc. The goal is to gather as much information as possible about the candidat to help the company decide whether or not to proceed to the next step.

9. We dine!

During the lunch hour we take a moment with the team to relax. The daily life of a recruiter can be stressful because they have goals to reach and deadlines to meet. Thus, dinner is an important moment to recharge the batteries get ready to dive into the afternoon!

10. And here we go again!

At the end of a day, the ultimate goal for the recruiter is to find a job for a candidate in which he will be happy, and to help companies find the candidate who will contribute to their development. The recruiter completes mandates every day, and also receives new ones. So, here we go again! We go through all the different steps, to different degrees and above all, in a healthy environment!


Outside of a typical day, trainings are added to the schedule of recruiters. For example, a course from a nutritionist to learn more about good nutrition at work, concrete training to improve your work such as time management or on new LinkedIn search methods.

Finally, we can’t forget TeamBuilding activities, recruitment happy hour, laughter, meetings, team calls, support program and more!

So, are you interested in contributing in building careers with us?