International recruitment, what more?

One of the hot topics, that make the vast majority of business leaders and managers in Quebec sweat bullets (in addition to the heat wave that we experienced this summer…), is the shortage of staff!

  • In the next 10 years, a drop of 100,000 workers is expected in Quebec
  • More than 18% of the labour supply will come from the future immigrant population in 2022

Indeed, international recruitment is one of the solutions to overcome this impending lack of workers. Concretely for you, this represents:

  • A decrease in staff turnover (selected candidates sign a contract for several years depending on your requirements)
  • An increase in profits and productivity (stop refusing orders for lack of manpower!)
  • Competitive advantage (the employees won’t be able to work for your competitors since the name of your company is listed on the contract, keep reading for more!)


Whether or not the workers are specialized, they obtain a status, given by the provincial and federal governments, called T.F.W.P : Temporary Foreign Workers. Its objective is to fill the shortage of staff and skills.

You are exclusive!

The relationship between your company and the hired worker begins with a one-year contract. Thereafter, if you wish to extend the contract, it is only renewable for you, for a period ranging from one to three years. In other words, this so-called “exclusive” work permit is only eligible for your business, at the previously established work site.

International recruitment offers you the opportunity to stand out and enjoy a unique competitive advantage! 

With who?

This solution is innovative, and yet not well known. That’s why by choosing to embark on the journey with Métier Plus International, you are assured that at the end of the process, you will have competent workers according to your selection criteria. In other words, our goal is to make sure the process is completed adequately and ends with success!

 Why our team?

  • We have a team of recruiters and specialized trainers present in Central America.
  • It is important for us to offer an all in one service to our customers until the end of the process. Starting by establishing the needs of your company until the integration of the candidate in his position.
  • Métier Plus International, team is proud to offer you a quick and secure solution, with deadlines of 12 to 16 weeks.

 Finally, before committing to foreign workers, by partnering with Métier Plus International,, you can actively participate in the recruitment process. You get the opportunity to take part on recruitment missions with our team and attend interviews and practical / theoretical tests. Rest assured that we are responsible for all documentation relating to employment contracts and immigration, whether or not you choose to come abroad. We will also take care of validating the references and validate their health record.

 So, when is the best time to talk more about it?