Shortage of manpower: is international recruitment the solution?

Shortage of manpower…You’ve probably heard of it, read about it, or even argued about this ubiquitous issue in Quebec!

Indeed, it’s a hot topic at the moment and the phenomenon will only increase in years to come in Quebec:

  • A decrease of 100,000 workers are predicted over the next 10 years
  • Trade jobs will account for 32% of total employment in 4 years

Between the decline in manpower and the creation of new jobs, it is clear that labour shortage will jeopardize the growth of many businesses in this sector.

But beyond statistics, as a recruitment firm, we can already see the impact of this shortage on a daily basis. Companies of all sizes face this scarcity. Using external partners is becoming a must.

As a manager, director of operations, or human resources advisor, you will have to find innovative solutions to ensure the arrival of new talent.

Would international recruitment be the solution?

An intelligent solution

Resolve scarcity

It has begun: You’ve already reduced your production rates or shortened your opening hours. You will need to increase your staff in years to come and on top of that, you have difficulty recruiting! Indeed, for mass recruitment in the trade jobs sector, international recruitment will be a solution to consider.  It’s a smart solution that will be more than profitable for you in the upcoming years. In addition, you will benefit from a unique competitive advantage.

Skilled workers over a long period

Using international recruitment will guarantee that you have competent workers over a long period. For example, by developing a partnership with Métier Plus International, you will have the opportunity to test the skills of future candidates prior to selection, on top of having a guarantee for several months. Note that selected candidates can be employed for several years, since their work permit is only valid for the company that initially hires them. This assures continuity in your activities and thus, profits! In addition, the cost of training and staff turnover will be reduced.

Métier Plus International

For all theses reasons, we are now offering companies the opportunity to recruit internationally. Why take action with Métier Plus International?

• We have a team of recruiters and specialized trainers present in Central America.
• For us, it’s important to support our clients until the end of the process, starting by identifying your needs, all the way until the candidate has integrated into their position.
• The Métier Plus International team is proud to offer you a quick and secure solution, with deadlines of 12 to 16 weeks.
• Finally, take advantage of a competitive rate on the market: Contact our team now and you’ll see why!