Body language during an interview: friend or foe?

For the majority of people, job interviews are a source of stress. Making a good impression is essential! The success of an interview is primordial and recruiters will base their judgement mainly on your body language.

Your behavioural preparation for an interview will exceed your answers and appearance. Indeed, your non-verbal behaviour goes beyond your words. Here are some tips to impress the recruiter.

Relaxed appearance and stress control

Before the interview, be sure to take several deep breaths to control your stress. Recruiters appreciate a casual person who demonstrates self-confidence. Adopt a relaxed attitude and a confident approach to earn points in the first few minutes!

Convincing handshake

The handshake is highly influential, as it will define who you are. A shy, limp and uncertain handshake is to be avoided. This style of handshake shows a lack of self-esteem, a characteristic that the recruiter doesn’t want in a candidate. On the contrary, a talent acquisition specialist seeks assurance and vivacity from the candidate. Something very simple, practice with those around you before your interview.

The smile and the eye contact, a reflection of the soul

Be yourself! Energetic, positive and most important, smile. A nice smile will help loosen the ambiance and help break the ice. A smile is your best ally. It helps to reflect your ease and your happiness to be interviewed. In addition, eye contact is an unconscious act that can have multiple repercussions. Avoid looking away; it is essential to look at your interviewer in the eyes. A constant eye contact will demonstrate your interest and your involvement in the conversation.

Arms crossed or not?

Your posture is important during the interview. Stand in a straight position and do not cross your arms in order to show you are open to the conversation. Try not to move too much during the interview and avoid talking too fast. It will help you focus and appear more pleasant for the interviewer.

Nervous tics that annoy

Biting your lips, playing with your watch or playing with your shirt buttons are examples of uncontrolled actions that come from stress, in spite of us! Indeed, an interview is stressful. Although you believe in yourself, the ultimate goal is to get the job.  Even if you want to show no sign of stress, your subconscious will do it for you! To avoid nervous tics: Keep your arms alongside your body, make sure to sit comfortably and be relaxed (your life is not at stake)!

Honesty and transparency

Be true and honest during the interview. Truth will show in your speech and set the tone of the interview. Recruiters will prefer authenticity rather than pretentiousness. Don’t overestimate or value yourself too much. It is better to show a healthy self-confidence.

Finally, have fun and no longer fear hiring interviews. Recruiters at Métier Plus are present and ready to help you better prepare yourself for future interviews. Look at our job opportunities now!